E- Health

Through the use of interactive media, we can reinforce and personalize messages, reach a broader audience and build a communication infastructure based on an open information exchange.  The Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program through the E-Health site provides the interactive media channels to promote just that, a stronger communication for the Public and Health Professionals.

We also like to show that if you get sick by some contagious disease it’s not so scary. You will need to be quarantined so you don’t spread the disease to others, but with the internet today you can still be in touch and do most of the stuff you do every day. You can see your family and friends through a camera, you can study online, read books and entertain yourself with online games. Many online casino sites even offer special bonus codes that allow you to play their real money games for free. So like you see today it’s very easy to continue your normal life even when you will need to get quarantined until you are cured.

What is interactive media?

Interactive media uses communication technologies to facilitate electronic communities, neworks, and interactivity, and to encourage information sharing, collaboration and creativity.

Our Goal:

To make IDEP’s content, tools, and services  available when, where, and how users want them.  It is our goal to improve the health and safety of the citizens of West Virginia.