West Nile Encephalitis

Reporting Guidelines

  • Within 1 week to local health department


  •  Arboviral Disease Surveillance Protocol

Current Case Definition

  •  CDC Case Definition

Required Forms

  • Arboviral Encephalitis Report
  • Dead Bird Log

General Information

  • Public Information
  • Avian Oral Swab Demonstration Video
  • Birds and West Nile Virus

Surveillance Data

  • 2009 Surveillance Activity (Updated Weekly)
  • 2008 Surveillance Activity
  • 2008 Mosquito Surveillance Report
  • 2007 Dead Birds Submitted for Testing (sorted by county)
  • 2006 Dead Birds Submitted for Testing (sorted by id number)
  • 2006 Dead Birds Submitted for Testing (sorted by county)

Other Links

  • CDC Information
  • CDC’s Arboviral Encephalitis
  • West Virginia Mosquito Information
  • West Virginia Encephalitis Information
  • West Virginia Department of Natural Resources Contacts
  • Office of Laboratory services
  • WV Department of Environmental Protection Open Dump Reporting Web Page

Bird  Resources:

All species of wild birds which are freshly dead (less than 24 hours old) are targeted for active surveillance. Poultry (domestic chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and guinea fowl) and pet birds will not be submitted for testing. Use the websites below to aid in identifying wild birds.

  • USGS Guide to Handling Birds
  • birding.com – Bird Identification
  • Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
  • eNature
  • Rutger’s University – Identifying Crows and Hawks
  • USGS National Wildlife Health Center
  • USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center’s Bird ID InfoCenter (Go directly to: American Crow | Blue Jay | Red-tailed Hawk)

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