Encephalitis, Arboviral

Reporting Guidelines

  • Within 1 week to local health department


  • Arboviral Disease Surveillance Protocol

Current Case Definition

  • CDC Case Definition

Required Forms

  • Arboviral Encephalitis Report

General Information

  • Arbovirus Provider Information Sheet

Tools For Local Health Department

  • Arbovirus model press release

Other Links:

  • CDCs Arboviral Encephalitides
  • CDCs Guidelines for Arbovirus Surveillance Programs in the U.S.
  • USGS Arboviral Disease Maps
  • WV Department of Environmental Protection Open Dump Reporting Web Page
  • West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services
  • West Virginia Mosquito Information
  • West Virginia Mosquito Bourne Illness Information
  • West Virginia La Crosse Information
  • West Virginia Eastern Equine Encephalitis Information
  • West Virginia West Nile Virus Information
  • West Virginia St. Louis Encephalitis Information
  • West Virginia Western Equine Encephalitis Information
  • Emergency and other contact informationYou might be interested in reading more about epidemiology of infectious diseases.Contact us (24/7/365):

    In West Virginia:

    Confidential disease reports:

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